Scarf Slides


Western scarf slides, or western wear scarf rings, are known by many definitions; ie. western neckerchief slides, western wear scarf slides, scarf rings and slides, cowboy scarf slides, wild rag scarf slides, rawhide scarf slides, scarf rings, western slides and bandana scarf slides. One simple thing in common with them all  is they are used to hold your silk scarf bandana in place, whether your wild rag is tied around your neck or draped around your shoulders.  They are both functional and decorative.

Our slides are made using alloy metals with a ring on the back to slide your scarf through.

If your slide tends to move, we suggest tying a small knot in your wild rag once you have placed the ends through the ring.

Our concho slides are fashioned after certain Vintage style scarf slides and are sure to upgrade any trendy or western wear attire.