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Wild West Bandanas

Your premium Australian owned and operated western store!

Silk wild rags are a symbol of the Old West, from a by-gone-era, but whether you are a Drover or a Corporate Executive, our collection has many beautiful designs that are functional and trendy, masculine and feminine, and you are sure to find one that you will love.

A silk scarf is a relaxed but stylish alternative to wearing a tie and they are easy to wear! A bandana can be worn drapped loosely around the neck and tucked inside a sports jacket, or wrapped and tied as a traditional tie.

Consider using one as a head scarf, headband, silk handkerchief, neck scarf, covering your face in these trying times, or use to add an extra dimension to your contemporary outfit.  Get an instant uplift and add some individuality by classing up an otherwise dull denim jacket and jeans combo.

Bandana silk scarves are considered a fashion item. Justin Timberlake is a great example.  He wore a red bandana during the half time Superbowl show!

We offer a range of beautiful 100% silk scarves that are printed using vibrant colors and designs.  Complete the look by teaming your scarf with one of our custom designed scarf slides.

Don’t forget about your pooch; our wild rags can also be used as a playful necktie for your pet!

Wild West Bandanas from the wild country of Western Australia!
Happy Trails!