Polka Dots


The modern day name” Polka Dot” is adapted from the dance craze, Polka, which was popular in Europe during the 19th century.  Polka dots refer to a dotted material that first appeared in 1857 in an Americana women’s magazine.

Just like a wildfire, its’s popularity spread in American fashion.  Miss America of 1926 wore a polka dotted bathing suit, Minnie Mouse was characterized with a cute polka dotted dress with bows and Marilyn Monroe was photographed in a polka dot bikini……ohhhhhlala! 

American cowboys wore the original bandana printed scarves back in the 1900’s whilst cattle droving across the wild lands of America.

Wild West Bandanas offer a nice range of Polka Dot patterned wild rags, printed on 100% silk.

Use as a polka dot neckerchief, headband or western head scarf.